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At COHEN LAW, we are passionate advocates for the rights of motorcyclists, because we know that motorcyclists have been stigmatized by law enforcement and the general public. In addition to handling hundreds of motorcycle accident cases, Attorney Steven A. Cohen is known for his extensive knowledge of motorcycle law. Steven regularly speaks to motorcycle groups and is often seen riding his own motorcycle in the community.

Our firm recognizes that as a rider, you face perils that drivers of passenger cars do not. We understand that motorcycle collisions can result in devastating injuries and death. When you seek help from our compassionate firm, you receive the guidance and support of a lawyer who has more than three decades of experience representing motorcyclists.

Causes Of AV And Motorcycle Accidents And Injuries

If you are a seasoned rider, then you know that even a bump from a car or truck can cause you serious harm. If you are injured in a motorcycle or auto accident, COHEN LAW and it’s team of experts can help. We assist motorcyclists involved in accidents due to the following conditions:

Road Conditions

To drivers of passenger cars, potholes and other road defects often cause little more than an unpleasant bump. For motorcycle riders, a pothole, pavement crack or other type of road condition can result in catastrophic injury or death.

Faulty Tires

Tire manufacturers have a responsibility to ensure that their products are well built and free of defects. If a tire is designed or made improperly, it can cause a motorcyclist to lose control.

Distracted Drivers

Distracted drivers are one of the primary threats motorcyclists face on the road. Drivers who are not aware of their surroundings can cause you to be seriously injured.


Motorcyclists need room. Tailgating any vehicle is dangerous. Tailgating a motorcyclist can cause injury or death to the rider.

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