“When we were injured in a car accident last year that required medical treatment, our insurance agent advised us to get an attorney and recommended Steve. It was our first experience with a personal injury attorney, and we did not realize how much we would need him. He met with us the next day, and we were impressed and made to feel highly confident by his professionalism and extensive knowledge. He also made us feel more relaxed about the situation with his easy style and sense of humor. He reviewed all of the details of our case, gave us great advice and literally took over everything. This meant writing dozens of letters, filing insurance claims, and negotiating insurance settlements (including Medicare).

We knew that we were in experienced hands and and that what seemed overwhelming to us was effortless to him. He earned our respect and trust quickly. The process was turned from a tumultuous experience in our lives to one as close to enjoyable as possible. We found ourselves looking forward to the next step. All of his efforts continued to the end. At the conclusion, we did very well with our case. Steve exceeded our expectations all around. We are glad to recommend him highly.”

Liz and David Love

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